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2009.11.04 - 12.01


He Sen
He Sen’s personal exhibition—“Drawing & Painting ” will be hold on November 14th 2009 in Beijing Art Now Gallery. The exhibition will be He Sen’s first exhibition in domestic since 2006. His works displayed in the 53rd Venice Biennale will be exhibited in this show.
Among the theme of traditional Chinese painting artists, He Sen convey the spiritual distance through the traditional painting, presenting the farthest and the closest distance. Like the ancients, the painting producer He Sen expressed his emotion by every single move in a time of carefree, and the completion of the work also means the integrity of catharsis of artist. During the process on handling the same work, He San and the ancient artists found the common pleasure of hand-painting even though they live in different time. As a researcher on painting, He Sen uses a contemporary approach to demonstrate and view of painting again, whether it is a connection to the same work by using different approach, or a representation to intercept part of work like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water. He Sen’s subversive recreation shows the tireless and diligent pursuit of principles of painting.  
After “City Girls Series” have been widely recognized, He Sen expressed a clear view in his new work: sociality is only one part of properties, providing a new way in thinking and observing for society and history to make art work through the times in order to achieve eternal.  
We are cordially inviting you to come to our gallery!
And the details as follow:
Painting-----He Sen Solo Exhibition
Artist: He Sen
Curator: Huang Liaoyuan
Reception: November 14th (Sat),  3:00pm—6:00pm
Duration: November 14th --- December 1st, 2009
Venue: Building E, Red Yard No.1, Cao Chang Di, Cui Ge Zhuang, Chaoyang Dist.,   Beijing    Beijing Art Now Gallery
Tel: 010-51273292