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锤子 — 忻海洲个展

2008.09.04 - 09.21


Xin Haizhou
Hammer! —— Xinhaizhou Solo Exhibition 
Opening Date: September 4th 28, 2008, 3:00pm
Duration: September 5th,2008 — September 21st, 2008
Venue: TODAY ART MUSEUM — 2nd Floor, Exhibition Hall of Building 2, Building 4 of Pingguo Community,   No.32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang Dist. Beijing
Opening Time: Mon-Sun, 10:00am - 5:00pm
Curator: Huang Liaoyuan
Xin Haizhou is a recorder. He does not just record the people in the changing times, but also the various impacts on those people from the fast-developed society. All the characters in Xin’s art works had been experiencing the passion and the pain in their youth, which implies mostly the same experience of the country----this psychological analyzing painting language has been through all of Xin’s paintings. Absorbing successfully from the modern art of photographs and videos shows that Xin Haizhou has the admirable sensitivity as a modernism experimental painter. He will continue to reorganize his personal narrative to formulate a comprehensive narrative on youth. As a sensitive narrator, Xin Haizhou keeps his initial beliefs. His art is the figurative documentation of artists from the 1960s. His new pictures come straight to the point. Their titles are drastic invocations and the paintings portray impassively the apparent conversion of some of the ominous four-letter-words such as “Fuck” and “Shit”, as well as “Shouting”, “Where does the hammer come from?”, the strange observation “Staggering blow with a cudgel” and the terse question “What’s Happening?”, or even the obviously very ambivalent feelings of young people at an “End of the World”. In Xin Hai Zhou’s singularly impressive pictures the youth’s fate is in good hands artistically - in many respects.