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  • 2014-09-27

    Beijing Design Week 2014 Plug-in Stations at CaoChangDi onedotzero x zoetrope

    Heroes of digital art and moving image onedotzero present two exclusive screenings for Beijing Design Week in CaoChangDi:

    “dotdotdot” is a collection of cutting edge short animations and music videos; from disco dancing robots to surreal monochrome worlds reflecting a diverse range of styles and themes; “sprites” is a selection of fun-packed shorts hand-picked for enjoyment by the whole family. With visually stimulating animations from around the world, this range of comical and charming stories promises to entertain, stimulate and delight all members of the family in true onedotzero style. Suitable for all ages.


    In addition, throughout the week visitors will have the chance to make their own animations courtesy of a custom made do-it-yourself zoetrope, created in collaboration with local studio A4. This ancient technique for creating simple moving images is thought to have originated inChinaover 2000 years ago (now there’s a surprise), but has been developed here as a simple model that can be quickly constructed by designers of any age and ability.


    onedotzero creates memorable and engaging experiences that bring art, entertainment and technology together to thrilling effect. Through the hugely successful onedotzeroadventures in motions festival they have over 17 years experience in curating and producing cutting edge animation and moving image for both cultural and commercial clients.


    Organizer:onedotzero, A4 Studios, Beijing Art Now Gallery

    Event Date and Time:  2014/9/27-2014/10/15 (12:00-18:00)

    Event Location:Beijing Art Now Gallery, E, No.1, Red Courtyard, Caochangdi,Beijing


    sprites 11 艺术家:Mark Nute, Gary Fouchy, YoannAuroux Bernard, Sebastien de Oliviera, MargheritaPremuroso, Luca da Rios, Alexandre Vial, Martin Brunet, Matthieu Garcia, Leslie Martin, DelphineDussoubs, Celine &Yann, Kristofer Strom, New Wenlock, Carolina Melis, Justin Farris, Akama, Job, Joris&Marieke, Bonzom, Matthias Hoegg, Airside, Christopher Hawkes and Chuen Hung Tsang.


    dotdotdot Screenings of work by Yoshihide Sodeoka (with My Panda Shall Fly) / Job, Joris & Marieke / Chad Vangaalen (with Timber Timbre) / Tom Geraedts (with Max Cooper) / Panop Koonwat / Seed